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SAW community

without community, there is no progress.

we have secondhand stuff with #saw_2chance,
we also have #saw_swap for you to exchange your wardrobe with ours
upcycled handmade bags with #saw_1bag

send us your old clothes, we’ll take them back to be used, and loved, all over again

sort your wardrobe

spend a little time to make your mess your message

send old stuff to us

we receive clothes in all kind of conditions (yes, even torn or faded color) as long as they’re washed before send to us. We’re really appreciated your kind support!

receive saw credit

after receiving your pack, we will process to sort and share to you next actions for your pre-loved items. All information will be updated via email or text message.

with saw credit, you can use to exchange to some secondhand items or upcycled saw bags. sounds ready? ^^

SAW mong được kết nối với bạn!

Những chuyển động thú vị của thời trang bền vững sẽ được SAW cập nhật đến bạn qua email. Love to see you all! 💚